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Kurt Bartholomew

Software Engineer

Name: Kurt Bartholomew
Address: Madison, WI 53704, US
Phone: Present on Downloadable Resume
Kurt is a software engineer with a hunger for creating things. He spends his days writing robust and well-tested code, whether backend or frontend. He believes there is no perfect stack, and continues pushing himself to learn more. He spends his nights devouring books, tinkering, practicing Aikido, playing piano, and working on his sleight of hand.


2015 - 2017


Software Engineer
  • - Engineered distributed video analysis service using computer vision to track faces or objects in uploaded 1080p video using a Javascript (React) UI and Java / C++ backend.
  • - Authored analytics / visualization studios for 100+ million events (React / Spring / Node).
  • - Improved test coverage for both front-end (Jasmine) and back-end (TestNG, EasyMock) code.
  • - Reduced metrics reports wait from 24 hours to ~10 seconds with real-time report builder using Java (Elasticsearch, AWS Kinesis, Spring) and Javascript (Backbone).
  • - Improved accuracy on existing platform usage metrics by 35% and increased usage metrics tracked by 30% using Javascript, Java, Google Analytics, Intercom, and Hotjar.
2013 - 2014

Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene

Software Engineer
  • - Securely stored over 500,000 sensitive lab records by creating data backup system with Java and Groovy.
  • - Built a payments solution using Javascript, PHP and Oracle DB that used by partners nationwide.
  • - Authored data visualizations and quarterly reports for state hospitals from health-care data store of over 700,000 records with Crystal Reports/SQL.
  • - Architected an internal application for lab technicians for analyzing under¬≠-utilized lab data with Groovy and Grails.
  • - Authored technical documentation (Visio) for every project worked on and others on request.
2011 - 2013

Culex Cultural Exchange (JAPAN)

Language Teacher
  • - Orchestrated technical and English classes for Japanese middle school students.
  • - Contributed personally made materials regularly to online repositories for Japanese education using Adobe Photoshop CS6, Sony Vegas Pro 12, and Microsoft Word.
  • - Co-managed English and technical education for two middle schools.
  • - Organized and led meetings to review strategies and materials for each class in each grade daily.
2010 - 2011

Level Up Games

Software Engineer
  • - Developed CMS web application for games and reviews with Javascript, PHP and MySQL.
  • - Created and automated backup and consistency checks for files with Bash and Powershell.
  • - Conducted physical repairs on 5 generations of video game console hardware.


2004 - 2009

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

- Bachelors of Management Computer Science

The UW-Whitewater Computer Science was a unique program that combined the hands-on programming focus and theoretical research of a specialty school with that of an MIS (Management Information Systems program). Its purpose was to help individuals create a set of skills to understand software development first hand while being able to plan and manage the lifecycle of an entire product or platform.